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Why Coho?

Our space exists to support hyper-local businesses.


At any given time, 100 to 120 small and medium food companies are creating in Coho commissary kitchens. Our café is a place where that delicious creativity comes to life. Our community is made up of passionate entrepreneurs and our mission is to tell their stories through our menu offerings, retail products, events and more!

Together is a creative place to be.


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Visit Us

Located in the heart of East Van, Coho Coffee strives to create a space for our community to enjoy local delicacies. Blessed with great neighbours and lovely parks and biking routes, Coho Coffee exists to support local businesses.

Offering a variety of drinks and food - mainly from our commissary members - Coho Coffee is a lovely place to experience local food in great company.

Come and enjoy our patio - or eat in if you prefer -, park your bike or take your brunch to the park.

Supporting local was never so easy.


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